Break Their Walls of Impunity!

THIS WEDNESDAY, Oct 12, in preparation for the Surrey Economic Summit on OCTOBER 20th, the Critical Criminology Working Group invites you to:

REFUSE & RESIST the Mayor's tea party with George Bush and Bill Clinton

12 October · 7 PM [Invite others: facebook event]
Conference Room A, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
12666 72 Avenue | Surrey

Gail Davidson,
Lawyers Against the War

Arguing that Canada must deny Bush entry OR immediately arrest him and ensure prosecution for torture


Jeff Shantz,
Faculty, Dept. of Criminology, Kwantlen

on Bill Clinton's crimes against humanity,
and the social movements of resistance

Re-Building Infrastructures of Resistance

Some reflections (from a few years back, relevant to building in the NOW) on bridging an insurrectionary moment with the future... Here is the text as PDF version. {Also available as a 6-page double-sided A4 foldover booklet for photocopying: PDF brochure } This article was published back then, in Socialism & Democracy ( and also on (2011):

"We need to be prepared not just intellectually but organizationally for radical struggles and transformation. Infrastructures of resistance serve as means by which people can sustain radical social change before, during and after insurrectionary periods."

TEST Their LOGiK [HiP HoP & Mini Bookfair] This Thurs: @ Kwantlen!

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PLEASE FORWARD! ---> An invite to you & a shout out from the
Critical Criminology Working Group...
THIS THURSday (@ Kwantlen, Surrey, what?!) aN EVENing of
on resisting state & corporate repression
music & a visit by Testament of TEST THEIR LOGIK

-==== on his 'bLiNg IS dEaD' tour ===-

Law Against Liberty: The Criminalization of Dissent

Law Against Liberty: The Criminalization of Dissent The criminalization of dissent, and possible threats to civil liberties posed by this criminalization, have become central issues of debate within liberal democracies, particularly in relation to discussions of political violence and the role of law in protests. Law against Liberty provides significant commentary on the criminalization of political movements and dissent within (neo)liberal democracies in the contemporary context.

Vandeplas Publishing: see their page for this book here

View the INDEX in the attached PDF + Read the full back cover...

Against All Authority: Anarchism and the Literary Imagination

Now available: New, in paperback from Imprint Academic Publishers

+ Back Cover... This volume examines historical and contemporary engagements of anarchism and literary production. Anarchists have used literary production to express opposition to values and relations characterizing advanced capitalist (and socialist) societies while also expressing key aspects of the alternative values and institutions proposed within anarchism. Among favoured themes are anarchist critiques of corporatization, prisons and patriarchal relations as well as explorations of developing anarchist perspectives on revolution, ecology, polysexuality and mutual aid. A key component of anarchist perspectives is the belief that means and ends must correspond. Thus in anarchist literature as in anarchist politics, a radical approach to form is as important as content. Anarchist literature joins other critical approaches to creative production in attempting to break down divisions between readers and writer, audience and artist, encouraging all to become active participants in the creative process.

Letter to Cloverdale Reporter

Click here to see it published in the Cloverdale Reporter

Re: "Outside activists in fore at SFPR protest camp," May 4

To the editor;

It is curious that in your report on the camp against the South Fraser Perimeter Road you chose to focus so heavily on personalities and the supposed identities of a few "activists" rather than the serious issues that brought so many people from diverse backgrounds together to oppose the road development. Indeed there are many social and environmental harms resulting from the freeway development.


[This article, written in 2003, won a Memefest Award in 2004. It is still relevant today as this war is still raging on.]
Rather than simply encouraging, facilitating or transforming war, as Arquilla and Ronfeldt (1993) discuss, info tech is based in war. Indeed the wars over the resources of cyberwar and netwar are fought in the forms of cyberwar and netwar. The information age is rooted in the bloody killing fields of low-tech territories.

Public pollution, private profit

This was published with a large photo from the camp on the center of the Letters Section in Friday's Surrey Leader:

Re: “Road opponents camp out,” The Leader, April 27.

The camp and occupation against the South Fraser Perimeter Road and Gateway Project are much needed and welcome initiatives.

In addition to the many social and environmental harms resulting from the freeway development identified in your article we might add another, less obvious, impact.

Criminology professor’s students “dig the dirt” on South Fraser Perimeter Road

By Matthew Burrows
APR 28, 2011. Article from The Georgia Strait -

He may look like he belongs in the industrial band Ministry, but when the Straight caught up with Surrey resident Jeff Shantz, he was standing on the banks of the Fraser River inside the South Fraser Protection Camp.

Active Anarchy: Political Practice in Contemporary Movements

Now available from Lexington Books...

"Jeff Shantz's Active Anarchy gives anarchism its due as the do-it-yourself dynamic driving a new generation of social movements. As Shantz shows, these anarchic movements rock to a different sort of rhythm -- a rhythm founded on the subterranean beat of Bakunin, Bey, Kropotkin, Goldman, and Debord, and attuned today to autonomy and anti-authoritarian invention. Taking the reader with him into the battles of black blocs, freegans, and Reclaim the Streets activists, Shantz provides a courageous, wide-ranging account of progressive social change in action."—Jeff Ferrell, author of Tearing Down the Streets: Adventures in Urban Anarchy

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