The World’s Largest Workplace: Social Reproduction and Wages for Housework

by PJ Lilley & Jeff Shantz

[Note: This article, from The Northeastern Anarchist (Issue #9) Summer / Fall 2004 (direct link), which was also designed as an A4 foldover pamphlet suitable for photocopying, this version, summer 2012, by Punching Out Press.

One of the all time great swindles of history is the massive free labor subsidy that capital has scored in working class homes. So much of our time, energy, interests, resources and money goes into the home-based work to re-produce our class....

Putting the Control Back in Birth Control: Racism, Class and Reproductive Rights

"Rape, racism, sexism, and capitalism have been consistent elements in a long history of documented assaults against the reproductive sovereignty of Black women." [1] -Theryn Kigvamasud’ Vashti, Communities Against Rape and Abuse

Originally published in the Northeastern Anarchist: Repro Series, Spring 2005

For working women, control of one's own body is constantly another turf battle in the class war. In this second article in our series on reproduction, we look at birth control and sterilization in the context of other attacks on the poor.

Living Anarchy: An Anarchist Notebook

This collection brings together a variety of writings (~1998-2003) from a longtime anarchist. Topics covered include perspective on anarchist theory, participant accounts of direct actions and anarchist projects as well as writings on literature, marriage, state repression and borders.

[Note from Jeff... This is a collection prepared for the FREE PRESS art exhibit and, although it shares a similar title as my 2009 book "Living Anarchy: Theory and Practice in Anarchist Movements", only a couple of the chapters are similar.]

View the Free Press book in Adobe PDF.

Table of Contents...

FIGHT TO WIN: Poor People's Unions and Class Struggle in Canada

This book discusses contemporary organizing and direct action in neoliberal Canada. It offers a critical analysis of anti-capitalist strategies and tactics rooted in, often inspiring, real world practices.

View the Free Press book in Adobe PDF

Constructive Anarchy: Contemporary Anarchy in Action

This is a theoretical and practical discussion of contemporary anarchism. It emphasizes a constructive version of anarchy.

View the Free Press book in Adobe PDF here

CLEARCUT THE BOSSES: Radical Ecology and Class Struggle

Labour and environmental movements are often portrayed as being opponents in battles over nature that pit jobs against the environment. This work offers a reconsideration of the important connections between radical ecology and working class movements. It also identifies similarities in the practices of revolutionary unionism (or syndicalism) and radical environmnetalism. It offers a starting point for re-thinking green politics.

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Anarchy in the Unions: Contemporary Anarchists at Work

An article looking at anarchists' involvement in rank-and-file committees and flying squads in Canada.
[This article was laid out as an A4 fold-over pamphlet for photocopy distribution by Punching Out Press.]

[This article was published in Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society, September 2009 and on]

‘Platformism’ and Organization

Jeff Shantz [was] a member of Punching Out-NEFAC (North-Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists) and lives in Toronto. This interview was conducted electronically and is based on Jeff’s article “‘Platformism’ and Organization” submitted to Upping the Anti in March 2005.

It appeared in the first issue of Upping the Anti as a 'roundtable': edited by Aidan Conway,
on 'The Question of Revolutionary Organization'
with Robbie Mahood, Jeff Shantz and Indu Vashist:

here's Jeff's part from that issue:

“Don’t Go in the Pit”: Active Resistance and the Territories of Political Identity

This article was published in Post Identity, Summer 1998.

The modern spectacle, on the contrary, expresses what society
can do, but in this expression the permitted is absolutely
opposed to the possible. —Guy Debord

The visionary is the only true realist. —Fellini

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