CFP: Radical Criminology Journal

Now Seeking Submissions
for a new journal on
Radical Criminology

revolutionary indigenous / feminist / anti-racist
anarchist / libertarian socialist / autonomist marxist
and/or insurrectionist
perspectives on crime and the state

In this period of state-sponsored austerity and suppression of resistance there is a great need for criminologists to speak out and act against state violence, state-corporate crime, and the growth of surveillance regimes and the prison-industrial complex. Criminologists also have a role to play in advancing alternatives to current regimes of regulation and punishment. In light of current social struggles against neo-liberal capitalism, and as an effort to contribute positively to those struggles, the Critical Criminology Working Group at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Vancouver has initiated the journal Radical Criminology. We now welcome contributions.

Issues might include:

Prison Abolition • Anti-colonialism • Resistance to
Borders & Securitization • Surveillance and the
Digital Panopticon • Anti-capitalism & Corporate
Crime • the Military-Industrial Complex

This is not simply a project of critique, but is geared toward a praxis of struggle, insurgence and practical resistance.

Radical Criminology publishes peer-reviewed academic articles, both theoretical and empirical. In bridging the gap that often exists between the academy and community Radical Criminology features centrally voices from activists and organizers. Commentaries and calls to action will appear in a regular section of “Insurgent Criminology.”

Refereed articles should be between 5000–8000 words. Commentary and insurgencies should be between 500–2000 words. Book reviews and review articles are also welcomed.

Please send submissions to:
radicalcrim at