Reproductive Rights

The World’s Largest Workplace: Social Reproduction and Wages for Housework

by PJ Lilley & Jeff Shantz

[Note: This article, from The Northeastern Anarchist (Issue #9) Summer / Fall 2004 (direct link), which was also designed as an A4 foldover pamphlet suitable for photocopying, this version, summer 2012, by Punching Out Press.

One of the all time great swindles of history is the massive free labor subsidy that capital has scored in working class homes. So much of our time, energy, interests, resources and money goes into the home-based work to re-produce our class....

Putting the Control Back in Birth Control: Racism, Class and Reproductive Rights

"Rape, racism, sexism, and capitalism have been consistent elements in a long history of documented assaults against the reproductive sovereignty of Black women." [1] -Theryn Kigvamasud’ Vashti, Communities Against Rape and Abuse

Originally published in the Northeastern Anarchist: Repro Series, Spring 2005

For working women, control of one's own body is constantly another turf battle in the class war. In this second article in our series on reproduction, we look at birth control and sterilization in the context of other attacks on the poor.

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