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Heterotopias of Toronto: The ‘Anarchist Free Space’ & ‘Who's Emma?’

by J.Shantz
excerpted from 'Active Anarchy: Political Practice in
Contemporary Movements' (Lexington, 2011)
[An earlier version of this chapter originally published in 'Living Anarchy', 2004. Also available as an A4 fold-over pamphlet for photocopy distro, created by Punching Out Press including artwork from various Who's Emma street artists.

Living Anarchy: An Anarchist Notebook

This collection brings together a variety of writings (~1998-2003) from a longtime anarchist. Topics covered include perspective on anarchist theory, participant accounts of direct actions and anarchist projects as well as writings on literature, marriage, state repression and borders.

[Note from Jeff... This is a collection prepared for the FREE PRESS art exhibit and, although it shares a similar title as my 2009 book "Living Anarchy: Theory and Practice in Anarchist Movements", only a couple of the chapters are similar.]

View the Free Press book in Adobe PDF.

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